Professor Sequoia
Tumblr mwp420hL7Y1rk3tbno1 500
Gender Female
Occupation Pokemon Professor
Age Late Twenties
Location Polaris Town
Height  ???
Design Credit mercurybird

Professor Sequoia is the Pokemon Professor of Omnis. She recently finished graduate school and her area of study is how Pokemon adapt to changes in the environment, more specifically seasonal and meteorological changes. She is wheelchair-bound and uses service Pokemon. She loves field work, hiking, and generally being outdoors. Being in a wheelchair makes it hard to explore nature so she rides her Sawsbuck around frequently! Her Zigzagoon is trained to help by fetching things and turning lights off.

Trivia Edit

  • Professor Sequoia was originally named Professor Willow, but was renamed after the Professor from Pokemon Go was announced. Her name was changed to Sequoia, the second-winning option for the Professor's name.
  • If she were a real Professor, she would be the only female Professor in the core series, as well as Professor Juniper. She would also be the only non-white Professor.