Like all Pokemon regions, Omnis has eight gym badges that must be collected by beating their respective gym leaders before the player is allowed to take on the Elite Four. The gyms below are listed in the order the player will face them.

  • Normal-type gym in Orion Town, lead by Norma.
  • Water-type gym in Delphinus Town, lead by Kai.
  • Fire-type gym, lead by Piper.
  • Steel-type gym in Cassiopolis City, lead by Chrona.
  • Ghost-type gym in Galilei City, lead by Casper.
  • Dark-type gym, lead by Lt. Oberon.
  • Poison-type gym in Hydrae City, lead by Belladonna.
  • Four Seasons themed gym in Polaris Town, lead by the player's Mother.

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